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Wednesday, November 30, 2022
FairfaxOpinionLetter: Sense of entitlement sometimes is too much

Letter: Sense of entitlement sometimes is too much

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Editor: Trespassing is generally defined as entering the owner’s land or property without permission. Such is the case when a landscape company has personnel doing work across the street, parks on your side of the street and gets out of their vehicle onto your property.

Of course, the street is owned by the town, but not your property, or they would be paying taxes and cutting the grass.

That same landscape company parks going the wrong way on my side of the street, which like trespassing is illegal.

It’s like the visitors of that house who park on my side of the street and throw their trash in my yard (littering) and get out of their car and walk on my property. That’s also trespassing, and shows that rich people feel entitled and have zero respect for those around them.


When town officials and law enforcement refuse to act, that makes you realize how entitled rich people are to do what they want without any consequences.

Welcome to America. Entitled much?

Dave Minyard, Vienna

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