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ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Revamped W-L logo insulting on several levels

Letter: Revamped W-L logo insulting on several levels

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Editor: The logo depiction accompanying the article about a planned historical marker at Washington-Liberty High School [news, Sept. 2] requires a comment.

Aside from the disgrace of removing Gen. Robert E. Lee’s name and image from W-L High School, the new rendition of the W-L logo is amateurish and unprofessional.

Take a good look at the aesthetics of it. What’s the most prominent thing you notice when first looking? It’s the large wooden beam that supports the Liberty Bell. That big wood beam occupies top billing. The bell, in bold silhouette, comes in second; and poor George Washington, our first president and the father of his country, occupies the least prominent place on the logo – a diminished outline on the bell that requires a magnifying glass to see it.

Why such a small image of George Washington? Is it another slap at Virginia’s best known and most heroic general? Without Gen. Washington, the United States would not even exist. So why is he subordinated to the Liberty Bell?

As for the scorned General Lee: Without his truly superb generalship, the always smaller Army of Northern Virginia (even in defeat) would not be recognized by military historians as probably the finest army, man for man, ever fielded in America. Washington and Lee were iconic Virginia generals – heroes whose names, reputations and achievements stood above all others.

Their names were affixed to Washington-Lee High School for good reason. They were the best of Virginia’s great soldiers. One led a revolutionary army against England, and one led a secession army in defense of his native state against a massive federal military invasion. Those are facts.

Arlington officials today – with no understanding of Virginia history or heritage, and with no sense of why 19th-century Virginians would fight for Virginia –worry only about optics, political pandering and woke virtue-signaling. To hell with two of the greatest field generals in Virginia and American military history.

Feelings, presentism and “hindsight judgment” are the new standards now in America. If anyone is offended by anything historic, no matter what it is, then our virtuous “feelings police” must remove or erase the “offensive” heritage. They bow, beg forgiveness, and bask in self-satisfying shame as they pander to the offended.

We are all diminished by the self-flagellation of our super-woke School Boards and weak political leaders.

Edward Wenzel, Vienna

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