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Thursday, September 29, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Republican offers chance to clean up Washington

Letter: Republican offers chance to clean up Washington

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Editor: It’s time for the politics of common sense. That’s why I’m voting for Karina Lipsman for Congress in November.

Our current leadership is so bound by ideology and dreamy-eyed assumptions that they have been unable to produce common-sense solutions. In education, the economy and public safety we see the fruits of disaster wrought by Northern Virginia’s incumbent politicians.

In drifting such a distance from common sense, our incumbent politicians have done real harm to our nation.

Consider this:

• It is only common sense that parents should have an important say in how their children are being educated.

• It is only common sense that our politicians should not vote to make life more expensive for the working and middle class.

• It is only common sense that we should take advantage of our abundant natural resources to gain energy independence and build a thriving economy so that everyone in the country can prosper, grow and realize their dreams.

• It is only common sense that if police are defunded, we’ll have fewer police. It is only common sense that with fewer police, crime will rise.

• It is only common sense that our justice system should side with crime’s victims rather than its perpetrators.

But here’s the sad reality: Our incumbent politicians have acted in the opposite manner time and time again.

We need to elect legislators who will shed their ideology and make their decisions on what’s best for the American people. We need to elect Karina Lipsman – it’s just common sense.

Art Levine, Arlington

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