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Wednesday, February 8, 2023
FairfaxOpinionLetter: Proposal to 'upgrade' road flies in face of fiscal sense

Letter: Proposal to ‘upgrade’ road flies in face of fiscal sense

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Editor: The following e-mail was sent to Fairfax County Supervisor Dalia Palchik (D-Providence).

I am responding to the Jan. 5 Sun Gazette article, “Staff Proposal to Upgrade Lane in Oakton Meets with Resistance” (thank you, Brian Trompeter, for writing it).

As a voting citizen, I am somewhat taken aback that the Fairfax County Road Maintenance/Department of Public Works, or for that matter any Fairfax or Virginia state-government agency, should do any improvements to this roadway.

Apparently neither of the residents on the road desire to have the road improved beyond its current condition. It would be very poor management, poor use of county funds and generally disruptive to do a $1.3 million expenditure for the proposed improvements reported in the Sun Gazette. (And I am sure they have already wasted plenty of money on the “study” of this proposed project.)


The county government’s road-maintenance division could simply make a general debris removal of the upstream side of the current culvert two or three times a year, maybe flush the culvert once a year, and save a million dollars.

I appeal to your good senses, if not your elected fiduciary responsibilities to your district’s taxpayers, to stop such needless spending on this.

David Peacock, Fairfax County

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