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Thursday, December 1, 2022
FairfaxOpinionLetter: Partisan editorials do not fit character of Vienna

Letter: Partisan editorials do not fit character of Vienna

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Editor: As a resident of the Town of Vienna, I find the editorials in the Sun Gazette overly partisan and detrimental to the interests of the residents of our town.

Vienna is largely an apolitical town. Elections for mayor and Town Council, for instance, are not political events. Candidates are elected based on their vision for the town and not on their political affiliation.

Blatantly partisan and ill-informed political viewpoints that regularly appear in the editorials in the Sun Gazette, in my view, violate the spirit of good governance, mutual cooperation and compassion for those in need that exemplifies our town.

They also reflect a lack of recognition of the damage the previous administration and its current devotees have done to the rule of law in this country and our nation’s Constitution, as well as the deep divide that has been created among the American people.


Whether viewed as a Republican, a Democrat or an independent, the events of the past five years have done immense damage to our democracy.

A new administration has been elected. Is it perfect? Certainly not. It is struggling with immigration problems at the southern border, like previous administrations, and certainly its handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan is open to debate. At the same time, however, it is competent and compassionate, and it is pursuing policies that benefit the middle class in this country.

Perhaps most important, it is deeply committed to the values that define our nation.

Bob Leggett, Vienna

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