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ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Missing Middle will prove danger to children

Letter: Missing Middle will prove danger to children

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Editor: Imagine a pipestem-style infill development next door, where the building is sideways, not facing front.

Instead of facing the street, your neighbor’s pipestem faces directly into your back yard. Your children playing there no longer have the privacy and safety you expect, but instead, prying eyes from next door.

Privacy and safety are two of the most important considerations for home-ownership. I want my children to have a safe place to play, without prying eyes. This is why people like me oppose, and our current zoning regulations restrict, pipestem infill development: It creates privacy and safety concerns, especially for children.

Missing Middle zoning proposals will make pipestem-infill development legal on all single-family-home properties in Arlington. County residents can preview the havoc that Missing Middle will create right now by looking at proposals for new development on properties where legacy zoning already permits duplex, triplex and apartment in-fill.


The site at 911 North Irving St., for example, will be sideways-facing infill-pipestem housing, facing directly into the neighbor’s back yard.
Privacy and safety, especially for my children, is why people (like me) are so opposed to pipestem-infill development, which will be legalized by Missing Middle.

This is one of the terrible consequences of Missing Middle: loss of privacy and safety, especially for children.

Joan FitzGerald, Arlington

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