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Thursday, March 30, 2023
FairfaxOpinionLetter: McLean Central Park revamp still has issues

Letter: McLean Central Park revamp still has issues

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Editor: While I applaud the Fairfax County Park Authority’s effort to consider community wants regarding the reconstruction of the McLean Central Park to bring more life to the community incorporating all ages [“McLean Central Park Development Plan Tweaked,” March 10], I still have few concerns.

My first lies with the McLean Community Center Governing Board’s support for an amphitheater despite community opposition. The decision to keep the amphitheater for purposes of festivals, classes and concerts appears to be a money grab.

Furthermore, parking appears to be an issue, based on the images of the proposed plan. By expanding the general uses of the park to allow for accessibility of all ages, parking appears limited; thus, it will lead individuals to park within the nearby neighborhood across the street – disrupting community life.

Along those lines, the dropoff area is located right off the main road, and on the road that those in the nearby neighborhood frequent when leaving or entering.


Including the dropoff area in the proposed location may cause unnecessary traffic off the main road and be an inconvenience for those in the affected neighborhood.

Nathalie Almeda, McLean

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