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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: McAuliffe blew it with comments on parents

Letter: McAuliffe blew it with comments on parents

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Editor: As an old Democrat, as a parent and grandparent, there is no force on earth that would force me to vote for an individual who in his shameless, gloating superiority dares to tell the voters of Virginia that parents have no say in the education of their children.

It is clear Terry McAuliffe is right in sync with the Attorney General in his efforts to unleash the forces behind the Department of Justice on American parents. Why? Because parents demanded that School Board members be accountable for their actions.

There is a limit to everything, and ideology is one of them. On Nov. 2, I will stay home. I hope that common sense prevails, and I am not the only Virginian who feels offended and attacked in the most basic rights, obligations and responsibilities entrusted to parents.

For decades, the attack on family, men, fathers has been relentless. And now the new strategy is to take away the responsibility of educating our children, and ceding that responsibility to the state? Not on the watch of American parents, or at least for now, not on the watch of Virginia voters.


M. Plaza, Arlington

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