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FairfaxOpinionLetter: MCA election shouldn't be ideological battle

Letter: MCA election shouldn’t be ideological battle

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Editor: As residents of McLean since 1976, we find it sad and very disappointing that some people are using a letter to the editor of the Sun Gazette [“Keep McLean the Focus of Community Center,” May 5] for unnecessary divisiveness to satisfy some ideological agenda.

Just as critical race theory (CRT) was never taught in Virginia, but was bandied about as if it were, there is NO reopening of or any changes to the McLean Community Center’s long-standing memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Fairfax County government. That claim is just pure fiction.

When did voting for board members to the McLean Community Center become a political issue? A board election is not the place for agendas that would only divide our community.

Webster’s Dictionary defines a community center as “a building or group of buildings for a community’s educational and recreational activities.” That definition exactly fits our community center.


We have reviewed statements of the nine candidates running for the board and will vote for the three individuals – Kristina Groennings, Ari Ghasemian and Anna Bartosiewicz – who have an inclusive, not a divisive, agenda and will work to keep the community center as a place for all.

Susy and Ed Rothschild, McLean

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