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Sunday, March 26, 2023
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Marymount student-housing proposal needs to go

Letter: Marymount student-housing proposal needs to go

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Editor: Marymount University recently announced a new housing mandate that requires a four-year residential requirement for those who do not live off-campus with relatives. As a proud Saint, I strongly oppose this policy, as this will affect me personally and my peers.

Since the announcement of the housing policy, there has been outrage among the local community, where many fear this will lead many students even more in debt than we should be. There have even been demonstrations on campus led by students in front of the Main House, and even a petition that currently has more than 600 signatures signed by students and community members in the area. Some of the administration of Marymount chose to attend a conference with the Student Government Association due to the amount of backlash to this policy.

What has been made clear is that students and community members alike do not support this, which is why we have done everything in our power as students to urge our administration to reverse this policy.

I’ve spoken to many of my friends and classmates around the community, and almost every comment I’ve heard from them is how this will cause many to become more indebted than they should be, due to the high prices of housing all around campus.


Some also fear that this will only cause problems for the university, with a decrease in student enrollment; others (including myself) are beginning to weigh whether or not to transfer to another school that does not require such housing policies.

We students also understand the financial issues the school may be facing and may have also factored into this decision, which is why we urge Marymount University to undergo an audit to alleviate some of the many financial burdens that the university is currently facing.

I urge the administration to reverse this housing policy, and to allow students to make our own independent housing choices for the 2022 fall semester and for the years to come after.

Ethan Reed, Arlington

Reed is a freshman at Marymount University.

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