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ArlingtonOpinionLetter: It isn't 'cancel culture' to remove Lee's name from Arlington House

Letter: It isn’t ‘cancel culture’ to remove Lee’s name from Arlington House

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Editor: I’ve enjoyed reading the Sun Gazette for many years and think you do a great job of pulling together local news for the benefit of our community. Your reporting is unbiased and entertaining.

Alas, when I read the recent online headline, “Robert E. Lee Survives a Cancellation Battle,” I was surprised and dismayed.

As you know, “cancelled” is used by those who feel threatened by any change that requires a reassessment of long-held beliefs (e.g., the effort to discontinue the glorification of individuals who fought against the U.S. government). No one can erase or “cancel” history. All of us can strive to view it through an unadulterated lens.

Removing “The Robert E. Lee Memorial” from the official title for this beautiful home (Arlington House) does not alter its important place in history, it simply allows us to form our own opinions about what happened there.


Charlotte deButts, Arlington

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