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Friday, February 3, 2023
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Intergenerational connections pay big dividends

Letter: Intergenerational connections pay big dividends

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Editor: I am currently taking a sociology course in college, where I have been learning a lot about various sociologists and different aspects of community.

After reading the Sun Gazette article about Arlington aiming to ramp up intergenerational activities in the post-COVID world, I was strongly reminded of the close, interconnected early societies that we been have learning about that a famous philosopher named Durkheim refers to as mechanical societies.

I think that, especially during these very isolating pandemic times, it is even more essential to bring the community together. It does not matter which generation you are from, because everyone who is a part of the Arlington community should feel a connection to that community.


I thought it was especially interesting that, according to the article, 77 percent of Arlington seniors wanted to forge intergenerational connections. After reading this statistic, I thought immediately of my own grandparents, who have been having trouble connecting with others throughout the pandemic.

In many ways, I think that COVID and all of the aftermath have affected the elderly the most. It has been such an isolating experience for them and it has caused many people to feel extremely lonely. This, along with many other negative affects about the pandemic, has truly pulled people apart. After reading this article, I began to feel hopeful for my community again.

It is so easy to be isolated and glued to our screens in this day and age. Bringing various generations together and connecting them to one another is essential for the wellbeing of our community.

Mia Galdiz, Arlington

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