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Thursday, March 23, 2023
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Instant-runoff voting will be beneficial

Letter: Instant-runoff voting will be beneficial

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Editor: I am happy to see Arlington County and its election officials want to encourage ranked-choice (or instant-runoff) voting, as reported in the Sun Gazette. Progressives, including the Green Party and independents, have wanted this voting process for many years. Look to Maine, a progressive state if there ever was one!

When I ran in Arlington and for Congress years ago, I caught a lot of guff from Democrats who were still sore about the role of Ralph Nader in the 2000 presidential election. But we should never criticize someone who runs for office; it isn’t easy and should never be seen as troublesome.

Another divisive issue when I ran in Arlington was the Columbia Pike streetcar. I think if the county elite of the time had gotten their way, the trolley, if built, would have helped the wealthy, driven Hispanics to the further suburbs, and been extremely costly and unpopular. (Be careful what you wish for, Chris Zimmerman.)

On another hot-button issue – Republicans and the climate – most in Arlington may not know it, but former Arlington County Republican Committee chairman Jim Presswood is an environmentalist. I learned to like him . . . [although] I think I am too radical for him.


On the pandemic, I am very hopeful of a healthy economy in the year or so ahead, and healthy population. Get your vaccines! And spend money!

Kevin Chisholm, Arlington

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