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Thursday, December 1, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Independent's support of election reform resonates

Letter: Independent’s support of election reform resonates

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Editor: I’m a small-d democrat and a capital-D Democrat. Generally, there is no conflict and I don’t have to choose. When I do have to choose, though, I pick the small d.

That’s why I’m voting for Adam Theo for Arlington County Board.

Theo has expressed the clearest understanding among the three candidates of the anti-small-d defects of our current electoral system (plurality voting for staggered terms, which results almost always in the selection and election of the candidate chosen by the tiny primary electorate, generally from the dominant faction in the dominant party) which almost never enables any others of Arlington’s opinion communities to elect candidates of their choice.

Theo has expressed strong backing for the CivFed TiGER group’s suggested improvements in Arlington’s electoral system, both primary and general election, which would yield much more proportional representation of Arlington’s less represented opinion communities.


I’m unhappy with Theo’s stance on Missing Middle; however, that ship seems to have sailed, and the chance to have a strong advocate for proportional representation convinces me to vote for him.

Dave Schutz, Arlington

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