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Saturday, November 26, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Hold politicians accountable for APS failures

Letter: Hold politicians accountable for APS failures

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Editor: Add my voice to the chorus of constituents that are disappointed and angry about how the Arlington government has proceeded with school openings these last couple months.

There is no good reason that our kids cannot be in school four or five days a week. Even a couple months back in the classroom would be great for our kids – not to mention parents who are struggling to get their children through another week of “virtual” school and yet another set of wretched and pointless (and seemingly endless) “asynchronous” days.

Arlington is failing our kids. Even worse, it’s the families of less means who suffer the most. The families with parents that work hourly jobs and cannot afford tutors – who, by the way, seem to be mostly comprised of teachers making extra money on their so-called “asynchronous” days!

In a county that portends to care so much about equitability, the decisions with respect to school openings are anything but.


Arlington residents’ return on our tax dollars this year has been significantly lower, to say the least. I do not expect a rebate – all I or anyone expects is that our leaders take a utilitarian approach to school openings and PUT FAMILIES FIRST. There is no excuse from teachers or staff now that anyone can get vaccinated. Why are we not able to do what other school districts are doing?

I, for one, will be listening to what School Board and County Board candidates have to say on this issue, and voting accordingly.

Zachary Rodman, Arlington

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