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Thursday, August 11, 2022
FairfaxOpinionLetter: Hogan not the caricature editorial made him out to be

Letter: Hogan not the caricature editorial made him out to be

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Editor: The July 28 editorial [“Hogan Is No Hero to Today’s GOP’] piece on Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan attributed several of his positions to so-called “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and “center left” politics. This is sloppy thinking.

We now have more than 65 federal and state judges, many of whom were Republicans appointed by Donald Trump, who totally debunked the stolen election theory.

We have consensus testimony to the Jan. 6th Committee– all from Republicans, including high-ranking officials appointed by Trump to positions at Department of Justice and the White House – who totally debunked the stolen election theory, and told Trump so multiple times.

And the lawyer who invented the substitute electors theory to give Pence grounds to halt the electoral count admitted in transcripts of his texts and e-mails that the theory had no basis in law and would be rejected as without foundation 9-0 by the Supreme Court if the case got there.

We have Trump’s recorded voice soliciting Georgia officials to commit a crime and “find” 87,000 votes for Trump, even though he had been told that after two recounts there was no significant election fraud and Biden had conclusively won the state.

Finally, we have evidence from Republicans that Trump did nothing for three hours on Jan. 6 to stop the violence at the Capitol, violence that led directly to injuries and death. Once he did issue a statement after 4 p.m., telling his followers to go home, the crowd began to disperse, proving that an earlier strong message would have reduced the carnage.

The weight of this and the other similar evidence – the great majority of which came from the mouths of Republicans, many of whom served in trusted positions in the Trump administration – is overwhelming.

Hogan’s positions are based on his assessment of all this evidence. He concludes that Trump, and current candidates who slavishly parrot him, lack the personal character to take seriously the oath to “preserve and protect the Constitution.” This is not “center left” politics, as you assert. Nor is it so-called Trump Derangement Syndrome. These are the reflections of a rational man who believes in the rule of law, the sanctity of the Constitution and our republican democracy.

You may disagree with his choices, which is your prerogative, but to call him a center leftist and a sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome is both counterfactual and sloppy thinking, as I state above. Indeed it is a show of disrespect to the elected governor of Maryland.

You can do better.

John Adams, Vienna

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