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Monday, August 15, 2022
FairfaxOpinionLetter: Fairfax County is working; Youngkin threatens to derail Va.

Letter: Fairfax County is working; Youngkin threatens to derail Va.

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Editor: From the great American songbook, “Say It Ain’t So.”

For about 18 months now, on your editorial page, gallons of ink have been used to pontificate about what is disliked in Fairfax County.

Fairfax County is one of the best supervised, best run, communities in the commonwealth. Yet your list of criticisms is long.

To name a few, the supervisors are criticized, for what? For doing their job? County prosecutors criticized, again, for what? For doing their job? The School Board is criticized, even though Fairfax County is rated as one of nation’s best school systems.

Then there is an editorial about not wanting to be “East Germany,” as if showing that you are vaccinated to protect your fellow citizens has something to do with East Germany.

But what could fit is the governor asking kids to report on their teachers. That’s what they did in East Germany. Why not some ink about a governor having never held elective office now in charge, amassing a record that leaves a lot to be desired. He is making rookie mistake after mistake, starting with making masks optional, vaccinations optional, and scapegoating Loudoun County.All unnecessary divisiveness but satisfying some ideological urges. Where is the ink on all of this?

The governor seems to not understand that propaganda and falsehoods only add to the rancor. He wants to get rid of the grocery tax that is badly needed to fund education. He wants to suspend the gas tax that funds badly needed infrastructure projects and each month of suspension would cost $100 million.

He is sitting on over $3 billion in surplus funding. For starters, he can get rid of the car tax that should have been gone 24 years ago. What about property tax relief for senior citizens over 65 who have lived in their homes for over 25 years? He can help all families immediately by getting rid of nuisance sales taxes, such as supplies for children and supplies for diabetics and other medical devices, etc. Eliminating these kinds of taxes would make a meaningful difference.

It was reported that the governor recently said he’s “having a ball.” The question is, what about the people he serves?

Fariborz Fatemi, McLean

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