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FairfaxEducationLetter: Expansion of IB program would benefit all

Letter: Expansion of IB program would benefit all

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Editor: In Loudoun County, Heritage High School is the latest school in the region in the process of becoming a new International Baccalaureate (IB) school.

The International Baccalaureate program includes a full courseload of classes, including the course Theory or Knowledge, which prompts students to become critical thinkers. The high school’s principal, in a 2022 Loudoun Now article, noted that “one of the things International Baccalaureate emphasizes is the depth of learning.”

It is this depth of learning that can aid in bolstering critical-thinking skills and well-rounded students.

Not only does IB bolster such skills, it also improves your chances of college acceptance. IB students have a 22-percent increase of college acceptance than the average student base. IB also bolsters humanities courses in the wake of an aggressive push towards STEM, creating a much-needed balance.


Critics of IB say the curriculum is too expensive; however, this cost to schools can be offset by the attractive quality of having an International Baccalaureate school district in the housing market. In Loudoun, there were many cases of families who almost moved to Loudoun but opted for a different district due to their IB schools.

The influx of people deciding to move in an IB school district could bolster local business and the local economy, therefore allowing for more money to flow into schools. Obviously it is still incredibly expensive, but the high quality of education as well as magnet-quality is worth it.

It is our job as members of the community to advocate what is best for our schools, and most importantly, our students. Advocate for school funding, attend City Hall meetings, donate to your schools, discuss curricula, do whatever you can as a member of the community to advocate for an International Baccalaureate education, as it is invaluable to creating a well-rounded, educated student. Not to mention, IB is proven to work and can potentially create revenue for local economies.

International Baccalaureate is the future of a well-rounded and quality education; it is imperative to not be left behind.

Isabelle Anderson, Falls Church

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