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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
FairfaxOpinionLetter: Enough with the sidewalks in Vienna

Letter: Enough with the sidewalks in Vienna

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Editor: My family has been residing in Vienna since 1994, and we oppose the proposed construction of further sidewalks in the town.

Sidewalk construction has already sacrificed too much of the green fields, flowers, shrubs and trees that attracted us to Vienna. More sidewalks are NOT necessary, nor are theu an important amenity for residents.

If Vienna is serious about promoting good health, then it should instead purchase land and establish community parks. If Vienna is serious about pedestrian safety, then it should direct the police to enforce existing speed limits.

If Vienna wants to “connect individuals and destinations in the community, support town businesses and sustainability goals,” as it says, then it instead will promote bike lanes, build basketball courts, playing fields, a concert shell and some public swimming pools.

But more sidewalks will only encourage more speeding, more traffic, produce paved areas and destroy greenery.

We’ve lost too many trees to developers and sidewalks already. No more sidewalks.

Robert Dresdner, Vienna

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