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ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Election results do not validate Missing Middle

Letter: Election results do not validate Missing Middle

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Letter: Recent election didn’t validate Missing Middle

Editor: Notwithstanding the tone of triumphalism in two letters proclaiming that “Election Shows Public Supports Missing Middle [Nov. 17], I beg to differ.

The writers jump to the conclusion that because two candidates to the Arlington County Board won a combined 70 percent of the vote, this means the voters support the Missile Middle scheme.

They fail to note that voters did not vote in a referendum on the issue, but rather gave 60.5 percent support to the Democratic incumbent in Arlington, where this party always wins big. (Don Beyer was re-elected to Congress with 73.3 percent of the vote – and without a word about Missing Middle in his platform.)


Arlington voters make their choices on variety of issues – unlike, say, single-issue abortion opponents.

The letter-writers, and the paper’s editorial that week, also fail to mention that Democratic Party incumbent Matt de Ferranti was actually wishy-washy on Missing Middle, leaving the contest between pro and anti candidates Adam Theo and Audrey Clement, respectively. And Clement blasted Theo in the voting, 28.4 percent to 9.8 percent, or about three times as many votes. That’s what you usually call a landslide.

The County Board could do its job honestly by simply holding a poll or referendum on Missing Middle, and not take the recent election as a victory

Ken Moskowitz, Arlington

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