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Thursday, December 1, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Don't criticize leaders for doing their best during COVID

Letter: Don’t criticize leaders for doing their best during COVID

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Editor: I enjoy reading your paper especially for the local news. I don’t often agree with your editorials, but take serious offense to the bashing of Dr. Anthony Fauci and Fairfax County schools [Editorial, Oct. 27] while asking for an apology.

While school lockdowns may have been harmful overall, the missing point here is that both Dr. Fauci and the schools were doing this to prevent sickness and death and were acting in a positive manner for society. All of the blame on leaders or School Boards is just gaining political points and serves no purpose.

Science is about learning from past decisions and so maybe next time there might not be shutdowns, but we still need leaders who are making decisions based on the intended positive effect on society not just to win points electorally or fire up the base.

While you can argue about lockdowns, why isn’t there an editorial that people should take their vaccines and boosters so we are not in this situation again? Why is there still bashing of folks wearing masks voluntarily when they are helping others by trying not to spread germs?


There is just way too much blame going around, instead of promoting positivity and the community of helping others and looking to leaders who fight and argue while not even considering that others are trying to help society and prevent sickness and death.

Ed Brandmark, Vienna

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