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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Coverage of Langston Blvd. plan misinterprets survey results

Letter: Coverage of Langston Blvd. plan misinterprets survey results

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Editor: I am concerned about an apparent leap of logic in your Aug. 25 article on the Langston Boulevard planning study.

You noted a fact about the county-government survey on the study (that adding affordable-housing options to the corridor ranked in the middle of priorities among current residents of the neighborhoods, but was ranked much higher by those living outside the corridor). But you then stated that this was “an indication of the fissures between advocacy groups and neighborhood residents.”

It seems to me that any fissure would be between “those living outside the corridor” and the “current residents of the neighborhoods.” Though it does make me wonder which advocacy groups you are trying to pit against neighborhood residents.

Bill Fogarty, Arlington

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