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Sunday, February 5, 2023
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: County Board will need to decide on its priorities

Letter: County Board will need to decide on its priorities

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Editor: As Arlington County Board members are debating if they should rezone the districts to make for more affordable housing, it is inevitable that the community would see a clash between “advocates of affordable housing and residents of single-family neighborhoods” [“Zoning Proposal Could Add Housing, Irk Neighbors” March 25].

With this decrease in cost of housing, it would indeed draw in more residents who are in search of more affordable housing, thus altering the overall economic composition of Arlington. In addition to this change in social make-up, it would also lead to a political divide between the lower-income residents seeking affordable housing and those already living in traditional communities.

The article states that although this plan would benefit many people, the changes could be “too tall and dense for its surroundings.” This could lead to an overrepresentation of these lower-income residents, causing those in the single-family neighborhoods to move out of Arlington.


The County Board needs to decide if these alterations are worth these potential societal make-up changes.

Olivia McCafferty, Arlington

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