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FairfaxOpinionLetter: Biden has been antidote to Trump era

Letter: Biden has been antidote to Trump era

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Editor: Your editorial on 24 June [“Will Trump Sink the Virginia GOP”] is ill-informed, partisan and offensive.

I take issue in particular to the editorial writer’s statement that “things aren’t going super-fabulous for state and national Democrats, what with the shaky captain helming the ship of state” and that “the party [is] ill-equipped to address the pressing issues of the day.”

One can only wonder where the writer has been over the past four years, during which the last incompetent and corrupt administration promoted isolationist, segregationist and anti-immigrant policies.

The current administration, in contrast, has accomplished more in half a year than the last one did in four years.


While he may not be perfect, the current president is a refreshing change in terms of the professionalism and experience he brings to the job and his compassion and caring for the common man – a sharp contrast to the last inhabitant of the White House who cared for no one but himself.

John Boehner, in his recently published book, “On the House,” calls on Americans to vote to elect people who “… want to get things done instead of hucksters making pie-in-sky promises or legislative terrorists just looking to go to Washington to blow everything up.” The American people did just that in the last presidential election, throwing out an administration that placed staying in power over the good of the country.

The readership of your paper deserves more balanced and certainly more accurate and truthful editorials.

Bob Leggett, Vienna

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