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Wednesday, March 29, 2023
FairfaxOpinionLetter: Arrogant elected officials have no place in N.Va.

Letter: Arrogant elected officials have no place in N.Va.

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Editor: Recent Sun Gazette coverage of Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney Stephen Descano’s interaction at a courthouse security checkpoint [“A ‘Rules Are for Thee But Not for Me’ Moment?” Oct. 7] is a great example of a public official using their title to show they feel socially higher than their peers.

The prosecutor and his deputy took offense to being chosen to go through a metal detector – demanding to know “don’t you know who I am?” from the staff who were doing their job.

The idea of people in power thinking that they are superior to others – thinking they are exceptions for any rules put in place – is not a new concept, and ultimately has never led to good.

Officials who possess this thinking should not be in high positions in office. If they are only holding this position for their own personal gain/benefit, their actions in office could all be for the wrong reasons.


Julia Thatcher, Herndon

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