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ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Arlington board forcing upzoning against will of public

Letter: Arlington board forcing upzoning against will of public

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Editor: We have lived in Arlington for 54 years. My husband was a lieutenant (j.g.) in the Navy when we were transferred here from Connecticut.

We fortunately found a little house on 35th Street North with a yard and a good school district for our two children. We had nice neighbors; many who were here on foreign assignment, which offered lots of interesting gatherings.

My husband finished his Navy commitment, and we decided to stay here. We bought the house next door. It was expensive, but we got loans and worked and saved to pay for it.

We lived through the late 1970s and early 1980s and saw the small neighborhood houses become rentals with groups that would all have cars, Saturday-night parties with beer-can trash and general disregard for the idea of a “family neighborhood.”


Fortunately the houses sold, homeowners came in and remodeled their properties and again we experienced “neighborhood.”

My husband has died and our children have moved away from Arlington. I am still here and am watching YOU, the five-member County Board, ride roughshod over the community in a zoning power grab. Who is pushing this? Developers?

You are selling your souls to POWER. Power to change communities; power to stifle opposing voices; power to ruin lives. If this “Missing Middle” is so important that voices are being silenced, you must hold hearings and hold a referendum to determine the path to take. We do not need dictators for our County Board.

Please reconsider this arbitrary edict. Rather than change the entire zoning code at once, concentrate your efforts on areas that are readily available to transportation hubs. See how that works.

One step at a time!

Bettie Lorino, Arlington

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