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ArlingtonOpinionLetter: Are Arlington leaders working for builders, or residents?

Letter: Are Arlington leaders working for builders, or residents?

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Editor: I read the Sun Gazette’s recent article “Arlington Board May Look at Lot-Coverage ‘Loophole’” [Oct. 28], and I’m afraid the situation is much worse.

There is an egregious example that I have been trying to address this year with the county manager, Department of Environmental Services (DES) and County Board members, to no avail.

It is my belief that the county manager and DES actively worked with a builder over several months to craft a workaround of a clearly defined zoning ordinance to permit a new subdivision by-right where there was insufficient lot frontage to meet Code requirements.

The county manager pushed back on attempts to adhere to the county code and in my view inappropriately found the builder a path forward by allowing a “public dedication of land to the county” for the sole purpose to meet the frontage requirement and subdivide the lot.


There is no public benefit to this land dedication. Rather, it clears the way to build multiple homes on a single lot that contains more than 120 trees with steep topography, which will negatively impact an already fragile Donaldson Run and the many adjoining properties due to excess stormwater.

These actions set a bad precedent, encouraging builders to further exploit the county government’s willingness to use loopholes with little regard for the environmental impact and harm caused by the development.

The basic question comes down to this: Who are the county officials supporting, the builders or the residents of the community? With this example at least, it is clear that the county government is going out of its way to allow loopholes that circumvent zoning ordinances so the builders can profit in a huge way.

Ryan Hill, Arlington

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