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Friday, August 19, 2022
ArlingtonOpinionLetter: APS is treating Yorktown official poorly

Letter: APS is treating Yorktown official poorly

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Editor: I am saddened by the recent article reporting that the job of longtime Yorktown High School director of student activities Mike Krulfeld is in limbo.

Most concerning is that the school system has provided no explanation for this suspension and no timetable for resolution.

I have interacted frequently with Mr. Krulfeld ever since my oldest daughter entered high school in 1998. He is a model employee, highly regarded and respected by both students and staff.

After 24 years of loyal service to Arlington Public Schools, Mr. Krulfeld deserves better than this shabby treatment. Each day he is not on the job is a huge loss to Yorktown students and the Yorktown community.

I urge APS to reinstate Mr. Krulfeld immediately.

Dave Sterling, Arlington

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