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Thursday, May 26, 2022
ArlingtonPublic SafetyJurors could get more under proposed state legislation

Jurors could get more under proposed state legislation

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Jurors in Virginia trials would get a slight bump up in pay under a measure introduced in the 2022 General Assembly session.

Del. Angelia Williams Graves (D-Norfolk) has proposed increasing the jury-duty allowance from its current $30 per day to $40 effective July 1, with increases to $45 and then $50 phased in over the next two years.

The pay rate for jurors is enshrined in the Code of Virginia and has no changed in more than two decades; localities do not have the ability to pay more or less. Jurors are paid out of state funds if sitting on felony trials and out of local revenues if passing judgment in civil trials; if the case is a misdemeanor, who is obligated to pay depends on a number of factors.

The Website JuryDuty101 shows that daily rates for jury service range from nothing at all (Illinois and South Carolina) to $50 (Georgia, Arkansas, South Dakota). Virginia is on the high end of the scale, with a number of populous but parsimonious states providing less than $10 per day (Texas at $6 and New Jersey at $5, for instance, with Missouri and Mississippi also paying less than $10).

States also have various regulations about reimbursement of mileage – some do, some don’t – and whether employers are legally obligated to provide paid time off for jury duty. Only a very few states require that.

The federal court system generally pays $50 a day to its jurors.

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