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ArlingtonNewsGOP still empty-handed in search for local candidates

GOP still empty-handed in search for local candidates

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Time’s a-ticking, and as of yet, Arlington Republicans have not lined up candidates for County Board and School Board.

The monthly meeting of the Arlington County Republican Committee came and went April 28 with no candidate announcements for the two local races, and no inklings that there may be possibilities in the pipeline.

There could be a reason that the focus was not on local campaigns – much of the meeting, and much of the focus of Virginia Republicans at the moment, is the May 8 convention to select nominees for statewide office.

“It’s on top of everybody’s mind,” party chair Andrew Loposser acknowledged.But given the inherent advantages held by Democrats in Arlington, any Republican nominees will need all the time they can to get their message out to the community.


Republicans have until June to come up with a County Board nominee or forever hold their peace. Any GOP candidate will face off Nov. 2 against the winner of the June 8 Democratic primary between incumbent board member Takis Karantonis and challenger Chanda Choun. At least one independent (Audrey Clement) and possibly more will be on the general-election ballot, as well.

In Virginia, political parties cannot formally nominate School Board candidates, but the party could “endorse” a candidacy. Democrats currently are engaged in an endorsement caucus between candidates Miranda Turner and Mary Kadera, to be decided in coming weeks. (Incumbent School Board member Monique O’Grady, a Democrat, is not seeking re-election.)


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