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ArlingtonNewsGOP now has home for convention voting

GOP now has home for convention voting

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Arlington Republicans who signed up to be delegates to the state nominating convention have long known the date of the event (May 8). But now they know the place, too.

The party will hold voting for the 8th District at the National Right to Work office on Braddock Road in Springfield.

Delegates will be able to cast their ballots for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general nominees on site between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The elections will be run in a ranked-choice format, so delegates will not need to stick around for multiple rounds of balloting. (They will not, in fact, even need to get out of their vehicles.)

The filing deadline to be a delegate to the convention already has passed. The Arlington County Republican Committee is in the process of credentialing delegates from the county.

Initially, Virginia Republican leaders aimed to hold a nominating convention outdoors at Liberty University in Lynchburg. When that proved impractical, they switched to holding balloting at multiple sites across the commonwealth.

Virginia Democrats will select their statewide-office nominees in a June 8 primary, to be held at regular polling places statewide.


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