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ArlingtonNewsGOP chair aims to be back to face-to-face meetings soon

GOP chair aims to be back to face-to-face meetings soon

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The chairman of the Arlington County Republican Committee is anticipating face-to-face gatherings in coming months, but for now is sticking with an online format.

“I am looking forward to holding in-person meetings again in the very near future,” GOP chair Andrew Loposser said in an April 21 e-mail to the party rank-and-file.

The e-mail noted that the monthly meeting set for April 28 would be held online via Zoom.

The local GOP briefly resumed in-person meetings at a local restaurant last year, but abandoned the effort after Gov. Northam further tightened restrictions on in-person gatherings due to spikes in COVID transmission.


Many of those restrictions are being loosened now that more Virginians have been vaccinated.

The online format in one way has proved a stellar success for Arlington Republicans, who have seen membership attendance the highest it has been in years.

Arlington Democrats have held online meetings consistently since the onset of the pandemic, but party chair Jill Caiazzo said efforts are in the works for a return to in-person gatherings when feasible.

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