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Wednesday, October 5, 2022
ArlingtonFinal tally: Karantonis 60.06%, others split the remainder

Final tally: Karantonis 60.06%, others split the remainder

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In a race that most likely was over before it began, Democrat Takis Karantonis won an easy victory to continue his County Board service for four more years.

Karantonis, who was elected to the County Board in a mid-2020 special election, received 60.09 percent of the vote total, according to results updated Nov. 5 by the Virginia Department of Elections.

His three independent challengers split most of the remainder:

• Audrey Clement, a perennial candidate, won 18.34 percent, despite (or perhaps because of) Washington Post reporting that took aim at her truthrulness in providing them her age.


• Mike Cantwell, the Yorktown Civic Association president who presented a moderate image throughout the campaign, garnered 13.85 percent.

• Adam Theo, like Cantwell a first-time candidate but unlike him a Libertarian-leaning independent, won just 5.69 percent, which may hurt his plan to use the 2021 election as a springboard to run again in 2022.

More than 1,700 voters liked none of the options on the table and wrote in alternates that comprised 2.04 percent of the vote.

(While the totals as of Nov. 5 are in effect final and official, they will not be certified as such by state officials until Nov. 15.)

The size of the Karantonis victory means it wouldn’t likely have mattered had Arlington County Board members this year voted in “instant-runoff” voting for County Board. The 2021 race potentially could be the last run under the longstanding winner-take-all process, although given the dominance of Democrats in Arlington, any change likely would have little to no impact on general-election races.

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