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Editorial: Governor sticks it to towns and cities

With one swipe of his pen, Gov. Northam delivered an unmistakable “up yours” (and that’s the nice way of putting it) to local governments across the commonwealth. The governor recently signed legislation, passed by the narrowest of margins and likely...

Commentary: McLean plan has few benefits for community

by KARL von SCHRILTZ, for the Sun Gazette It has been reported that the Fairfax County government revised its Comprehensive Plan to redevelop the McLean Community Business Center in response to public feedback, primarily delivered at a community meeting on...

‘Old School’ column: Zoom, Zoom!

by CAROL McEWEN, for the Sun Gazette When we were kids, we only used that headline phrase – “Zoom, Zoom” – when racing toy cars or pretending to be airplanes. These days, it has a whole new meaning. I confess to...

Editorial: TJ admissions revisions head to court

Claiming it was doing so to serve the interests of “equity” – a phrase these days passed around more than a doobie at a seventh-grade slumber party – the Fairfax County School Board decided to rejigger the way admission...

‘Old School’ column: Sleepless in Indiana

Did you go to slumber parties when you were a kid? They were the bedrock of 1950s teen social life in middle America. While I attended some, I hosted many more on New Year’s Eves and other nights.

Editorial: Will Va. GOP throw away opportunity?

A mere two weeks ago on this page, we opined that there was not one, nor two, but five separate reasons Virginia Republicans had reason for hope that they would be rewarded with success in statewide elections this fall. Some...

‘Old School’ column: Waste not, want not

My kids think I’m the cheapest person on the planet. I may be a teeny bit frugal, but certainly not cheap.

Sun Gazette editorial: Here comes collective bargaining!

Tucked away inside Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill’s proposed fiscal 2022 budget is this charming nugget: The county government, he said, will need $960,000 and six new staff positions for “upcoming collective-bargaining endeavors.” Yep, it looks like the Fairfax County...

Commentary: Why not a day to salute vice presidents?

As birth month to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, February exhibited the least number of days and greatest number of great presidents. This correlation of presidential preeminence and birthdate makes one wonder what William Henry Harrison (born Feb. 9) might have achieved had his presidency not ended more abruptly than John Paul I’s pontificate.

Sun Gazette editorial: Va. Republicans have chance in November

Through a combination of their own bungling and factors beyond their control, state Republican leaders have seen the party’s “brand” collapse among wide swaths of the electorate in the commonwealth. But – being the contrarians that we are – we...
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Field hockey, soccer players chosen all-state

Three players from the district and region-tournament champion and state runner-up Yorktown Patriots girls field hockey squad were selected...
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