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Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Letter: Progressives are actually impeding progress in Virginia

Editor: A clear difference once existed between Maryland and Virginia. Virginia had lower taxes, was more business-friendly and was less intrusive. With progressives in control, Virginia has progressively declined. We have the choice to halt or hurry that decline. We can...

‘Old School’ column: Down under

Today I took a deep dive, as the current saying goes, into no man’s land: under the guestroom bed.

Editorial: Will Biden travails propel Youngkin to success?

There was an instructive poll result reported in last week’s Falls Church News-Press newspaper. The online (and therefore non-scientific but still illuminating) query had asked Falls Church-ians whether they thought the Afghanistan evacuation had been carried out successfully. Despite the newspaper...

Letter: McAuliffe criminal-justice plan is fatally flawed

Editor: Terry McAuliffe has offered what he calls a “Plan of Action for a Fairer Commonwealth: Creating a More Equitable Justice System That Works for All Virginians.” Only his plan does not work for all Virginians. The plan focuses entirely...

Letter: Gubernatorial candidates must be pressed on environment

Editor: Northern Virginians need to take a hard look at our gubernatorial candidates. Both candidates have remained all but silent on the details of their plans to address the greatest existential threat we face – climate change. We are in a...

‘Old School’ column: The write stuff

My sister-in-law and I were talking recently when she mentioned a high-school student who had received a hand-written note from her and said, “I can’t read cursive.”

Editorial: Is window of opportunity closing for Youngkin?

Back nearly a decade ago during the battle-royale over the Columbia Pike streetcar that roiled the political waters in Arlington (and an itty-bitty sliver of Fairfax County), a wise elected official – and streetcar supporter – proffered this explanation...

Letter: Children are resilient and will catch up

Editor: I’m sorry, but I disagree with what I consider to be the over-concern about the year lost to COVID . I don’t think the concern is either warranted, or useful to our children. This year may have caused less...

‘Old School’: September memories

“In the spring, a young man’s fancy turns to love.” I am not a man, certainly not young, and spring was a long time ago.

Editorial: SOL scores expose the tragedy of a lost year

Virginia Department of Education officials were out with 2020-21 Standards of Learning (SOLs) results last week. It was not a pretty picture. Particularly in science and math, pass rates among Virginia students cratered, sometimes as much as 30 points. In...
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Letter: Del. Simon lives his values, aids his community

Editor: In your Oct. 21 Fairfax legislative-races endorsements, you claim that the Del. Marcus Simon (D-53rd) is “disconnected from...
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