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Letter: Partisan editorials do not fit character of Vienna

Editor: As a resident of the Town of Vienna, I find the editorials in the Sun Gazette overly partisan and detrimental to the interests of the residents of our town. Vienna is largely an apolitical town. Elections for mayor and...

‘Old School’ column: T.G.I.F.

Aah, fall! My favorite season. The days get cooler after a scorching summer, and I love those beautiful leaf colors: candy-apple red and Lucille Ball orange.

Editorial: Voters, please deliver us divided government

As we move into the heart of election season, here’s a friendly reminder from the Sun Gazette editorial-page team to the voters of Virginia. There are three possibilities when it comes to state-level governance: • Democrats control the levers of both...

‘Old School’ column: Wedding bliss

If you’ve ever been married or had someone in your immediate family get married, you know the havoc a wedding causes. Our family was no exception.

Editorial: Obnoxiousness not a good look for politicans

Like J. Edgar Hoover with U.S. presidents back in the day, we at the Sun Gazette have watched members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors come and go for decades. Some impressed us, others did not. Time to state...

Letter: Institutional support of sex abuse needs to end

Editor: The failures of both USA Gymnastics and the FBI to appropriately address the sexual offenses of Larry Nassar enabled his crimes. This is institutional abuse, and it is not a new story. Organizations routinely side with employees and people...

Letter: Progressives are actually impeding progress in Virginia

Editor: A clear difference once existed between Maryland and Virginia. Virginia had lower taxes, was more business-friendly and was less intrusive. With progressives in control, Virginia has progressively declined. We have the choice to halt or hurry that decline. We can...

‘Old School’ column: Down under

Today I took a deep dive, as the current saying goes, into no man’s land: under the guestroom bed.

Editorial: Will Biden travails propel Youngkin to success?

There was an instructive poll result reported in last week’s Falls Church News-Press newspaper. The online (and therefore non-scientific but still illuminating) query had asked Falls Church-ians whether they thought the Afghanistan evacuation had been carried out successfully. Despite the newspaper...

Letter: McAuliffe criminal-justice plan is fatally flawed

Editor: Terry McAuliffe has offered what he calls a “Plan of Action for a Fairer Commonwealth: Creating a More Equitable Justice System That Works for All Virginians.” Only his plan does not work for all Virginians. The plan focuses entirely...
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Latest News

No injuries reported in Fairlington shooting incident

On Oct. 19 at 9:40 a.m., an individual approached the area of the 4400 block of 31st Street South...
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