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Letter: School librarians a key STEM resource

Editor: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM focused occupations have above-average growth and wages. And the librarian at your school is ready to help. Your school librarian has an abundance of books and online databases to...

Letter: Time to move forward on sidewalk bequest

Editor: In 2019, the late Maud Robinson gifted $8 million to the Vienna town government to build more sidewalks. This gift should allow Vienna to achieve its goals of completing a walkway network and creating a safer, more walkable...

Old-School column: That takes the cake!

Remember what life was like BCM (Before Cake Mixes)? I certainly do, because my skillful mother baked almost every day.

Editorial: Smoke ’em if you got ’em? Whatever.

One need not be a cynic – although it helps – to understand why Gov. Northam is attempting to use, on his way almost out the door, the legislative-amendment process to bring some legal doobie to the Old Dominion. Northam...

Letter: Wave of the future is ranked-choice voting

Editor: In an era of extreme partisanship and polarization, there’s one common denominator between the two parties. Both want to use ranked-choice voting, a ballot change that lets a voter rank the candidates. It works through a series of eliminations...

Letter: Cicadas play vital role in ecosystem

Editor: For the past year, there have been many ominous whispers of the Brood X cicadas coming. The message of the havoc wreaked on young trees and shrubs, and the month of constant shrill buzzing has sent home an...

‘Old School’ column: Economy boost

by CAROL McEWEN, for the Sun Gazette I have an idea to bolster our faltering economy, which I intend to send to our president any day now. The solution? Bring back the custom of buying little girls new Easter outfits, like...

Editorial: When buzzwords come back to bite

About two years ago – seems like two lifetimes ago, doesn’t it? – in a public forum, we asked a (non-Fairfax) elected official to help us understand what the word “equity” was intended to mean. Why? Because, even by 2019,...

Letter: Zoning policy on flag placement is outrageous

Editor: The 700-page zoning modernization (zMOD) adopted by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors can be described as nothing less than a boondoggle, including changes to accessory-living units, home-based businesses, freestanding accessory structures, food trucks and much more. These...

Letter: Pandemic has exacerbated issues of child abuse, neglect

Editor: Lockdowns, school closures and movement restrictions have stimulated violence in families where it didn’t exist before, and worsened situations in places where mistreatment and violence had been a problem. Too often in the pandemic, children have been stuck with...
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Letter: Del. Simon lives his values, aids his community

Editor: In your Oct. 21 Fairfax legislative-races endorsements, you claim that the Del. Marcus Simon (D-53rd) is “disconnected from...
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