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FairfaxFairfax Public-Safety Notes, 2/25/21 edition

Fairfax Public-Safety Notes, 2/25/21 edition

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News of crime and punishment across Fairfax County this week.

FOOD-DELIVERY DRIVER DECLINES TO PURSUE CHARGES AFTER VEHICLE STOLEN: A DoorDash driver told Vienna police on Feb. 4 at 12:35 a.m. that he had left his vehicle running in the parking lot at Wawa, 465 Maple Ave., W., while picking up a food order.

The driver stated someone stole his vehicle while he was in the store and that he had waited several minutes before calling the police to report the incident.

Shortly after Vienna police issued a lookout for the vehicle to surrounding jurisdictions, Fairfax County police officers located the vehicle unoccupied and running several blocks to the west at Chain Bridge Road and Glengyle Drive.


The driver told police a Play Station 4, keyboard and marijuana were missing from the vehicle. He did not wish to pursue charges or see further investigation into the incident, police said.

LEFT IN VIENNA STORE AFTER CLOSING, HONEST CUSTOMER LEAVES WITHOUT TAKING ANYTHING: Vienna police officers responded Feb. 9 at 9:23 p.m. to the report of an alarm at CVS, 264 Cedar Lane, S.E. The alarm company told police someone could be seen inside the store on the surveillance cameras.

When officers searched the store, they did not find anyone inside and nothing appeared suspicious. From the surveillance video, it appeared that the last employee closed and secured the store without realizing there was a customer inside, police said.

The customer, who was observed on the camera, approached the register to make a purchase, realized there were no employees in the store, left the items intended for purchase and left the store, police said.

SUSPECTS STEAL CASH REGISTER FROM VIENNA DRUGSTORE: An employee at CVS, 337 Maple Ave., E., on Feb. 14 at 12:26 p.m. told Vienna police that a cash register had been taken from the store earlier in the day.

The security camera showed three young men walk into the store at 5:05 a.m., take the register and leave the store without being noticed. The same men also allegedly stole a register from a CVS in Fairfax County, Vienna police said, and similar incidents have been reported in Arlington.

VIENNA MAN REPORTS FIREARM MISSING FROM HOME: A man living in the 600 block of Upham Place, N.W., told Vienna police that, sometime between Dec. 16 and Feb. 2, a firearm had gone missing from his home.

MAN TO BE BANNED FROM VIENNA FIREHOUSE PROPERTY AFTER ERRATIC BEHAVIOR: A firefighter at the Vienna fire station, 400 Center St., S., told Vienna police that on Feb. 8 she had assisted a resident who had come to the firehouse.

The man told her he was under the influence of an unknown narcotic and asked to be transported to the hospital.

After that incident, the resident began calling the firehouse claiming to be a family member of the firefighter and wanting to know her whereabouts and her schedule, police said.

The resident on Feb. 16 at 3 a.m. began banging and kicking on the door to the firehouse, demanding that the firefighter come outside to treat him. After being confronted by other staff, the man left the area, police said.

Authorities will send the man a trespass notice banning him from the firehouse’s property, police said.

VIENNA POLICE RESPOND TO TENANT-LANDLORD DISPUTE: Vienna police officers on Feb. 8 at 3:12 a.m. responded to a reported landlord-and-tenant complaint in the 600 block of Frederick Street, S.W.

Both parties told police they had been threatened by the other.

Police advised both men of the warrant process should they wish to pursue charges ,and authorities also advised the landlord about the eviction process.

CALLER LEAVES HUNDREDS OF MESSAGES ON VIENNA POLICE NON-EMERGENCY NUMBER: Between Feb. 17 at 12:30 a.m. and Feb. 19 at 5 a.m., an unknown person began calling the non-emergency number at the temporary Vienna Police Headquarters, 301 Center St., S., and harassing police dispatchers, Vienna police said.

Dispatchers received and recorded hundreds of calls from the same caller, said Vienna police, who continue to investigate this case.

VIENNA STORE EMPLOYEES REPORT PROPERTY STOLEN FROM BREAK ROOM, LOCKERS: Two employees at Walgreens, 225 Maple Ave., E., told Vienna police that, on Feb. 17 between 1:30 and 4:15 p.m., someone stole their personal property, including credit and debit cards, from the break room and employees’ lockers.

One employee’s bank cards were used to make several unauthorized purchases at Giant Food, 359 Maple Avenue, E., Vienna police said.

VEHICLE RUNS OVER PEDESTRIAN’S FOOT IN VIENNA: A motorist turning right from Branch Road, S.E., onto eastbound Maple Avenue, E., on Feb. 17 at 5:37 p.m. ran over the foot of a pedestrian who had entered the crosswalk headed westbound across Branch Road, Vienna police said.

Police issued the driver a summons on the charge of failing to pay full time and attention.

VIENNA RESIDENT RECEIVES FRAUDULENT CHECK FOR ONLINE CHAIR SALE: A Vienna resident told Vienna police on Feb. 12 at midnight that, when trying to sell a chair over the Internet, a potential buyer mailed a check to cover the chair and its moving costs.

The buyer asked the resident to send the remaining difference back to her through Venmo, police said.

After reimbursing the buyer, the resident attempted to cash the check and found that it was fraudulent, police said.

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