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FairfaxFairfax fire officials use Vienna home for training exercise

Fairfax fire officials use Vienna home for training exercise

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The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department’s Field Training Section on Sept. 12 conducted a live-training burn utilizing an acquired house on Echols Street, S.E., in the town of Vienna.

The Field Training Section rotated crews through live-fire-training burns focusing primarily on interior-fire behavior. Firefighters, led by an instructor, had an opportunity to observe a fire’s progression. Crews observed how air flow through different openings affects the fire’s behavior based on its location inside the house.

Once training activity was completed, additional firefighters focused on extinguishing the fire. More than 30 operational firefighters and 15 training personnel took part in this training exercise, which was made possible by the Fire and Rescue Department’s Acquired Structures Program.

The program provides a valuable hands-on experience for all department members, officials said. To learn more about the program, visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fire-ems/acquired-structures-program.

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