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ArlingtonOpinionEndorsement: Mary Kadera for Arlington School Board

Endorsement: Mary Kadera for Arlington School Board

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When she launched her bid for office lo those many months ago, we had high hopes for Mary Kadera. She seemed both willing to take on the status quo within the frequently leadership-starved School Board, and to understand what needs to be addressed.

Now, with the election staring us in the face, we are a little less infatuated with Kadera. (More on that in a moment.) Regardless, we believe she has earned our support for the seat being vacated by Monique O’Grady.

It’s an open secret that Arlington Democrats searched far and wide to find an “acceptable” candidate to run in O’Grady’s place, but were turned down multiple times. In the end, the choice for the party activists was either Kadera or back-to-classes advocate Miranda Turner.

Despite the thumb being placed decidedly on the political scale in support of Kadera, Turner still managed to garner nearly 40 percent of the Democratic caucus vote – a clear indication that a wide swath of the public was disenchanted, some to the point of disgust, with the feckless and insufficient response to COVID exhibited by the School Board and school-system leadership.

Democratic activists embraced Kadera because there was nowhere else to turn. Unfortunately from our perspective, she has returned the love just a little too much. Will she be able to maintain independence once in office, or will she be co-opted into the go-along-to-get-along style of modern-day Arlington governance? We’ll just have to wait and see. We’ve got our fingers crossed.

Kadera certainly does her homework and has a seriousness of purpose, albeit with a tendency to get bogged down in the weeds. But if she follows through on asking the tough questions and rocking the boat as necessary, Arlington will be well-served. Ergo, we support MARY KADERA for School Board.

Kadera shares the ballot with Major Mike Webb, who is not a serious option.

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