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ArlingtonEffort giving historic status to local home set to advance

Effort giving historic status to local home set to advance

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Arlington County Board members later this month are expected to ratify creation of a local historic district for a single-family property in the Virginia Square neighborhood.

Both the homeowner (Marie Schum-Brady) and the Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (HALRB) support the action, which if authorized will give HALRB members a large say over exterior alterations on the parcel, located at 3500 14th Street. North.

The home dates to 1912 and was located on a lot on what then was known as 301 North Ridgely St. (Arlington’s streets were renamed to their current alphabetical order in the 1930s.) In 1916, after the addition of a front porch, it was assessed at $3,000 for tax purposes; today that assessed valuation is about $1.26 million.

Another addition, completed in the 1930s, survived for more than 70 years before it was removed to make way for a rear addition in 2016.


The property is dubbed the “Anderson House” for a couple that lived in it many decades ago. Its four-square architectural style is rarely seen in Arlington today, although it may have been more common before successive waves of redevelopment rolled through neighborhoods over the past half-century.

The public hearing required before formal designation as a local historic district likely will be held Dec. 17. The Anderson House will join more than a dozen individual homes – dating from the 1760s to the 1930s – that are part of the local-historic-district list.

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