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Sunday, October 24, 2021

Editor’s Notebook

Editor’s Notebook: Just a false alarm. This time. Next time?

For those who believe that mere random coincidences occur in the universe – yours truly is sometimes dubious they actually exist – it was quite the big one Wednesday morning. At the same time Washington-Liberty High School was in lockdown...

Editor’s Notebook: A fatal self-inflicted wound for McAuliffe?

The textbook political definition of “gaffe” is a politician who accidentally says what he’s really thinking, even though he doesn’t want the public to know. If Terry McAuliffe ends up failing to sink the political equivalent of a gimme-putt and...

Editor’s Notebook: ‘Don’t you know who I am’ is never a good look

We’ll have coverage this week of a verbal altercation that took place last week when Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney Steve Descano and his chief deputy reportedly took offense at being forced to go through metal detectors to get into the...

Editor’s Notebook: Last one to leave, turn out the lights

We’ll have an update this week on the crisis – oops, County Manager Mark Schwartz says it is not a crisis (yet) – in Arlington police staffing. As a Sun Gazette editorial noted more than a year ago – when...

Editor’s Notebook: Bye, bye, Miss American Pie

Welcome to the new economy: In the 30 days of September, my rainy-day fund tucked away in a Discover Bank online savings account gained roughly $70 (that 0.4-percent annual interest split across 12 months really, cough, adds up, doesn't...

Editor’s Notebook: Jimmy Carter looking better all the time

A couple of days ago, one of the local PBS stations was serving up a brisk documentary on the life of Jimmy Carter. After first checking to make sure it wasn’t a special marking his demise (good news: Jimmy...

Editor’s Notebook: Getting serious about ousting prosecutors?

My incoming campaign mail has slowed (though not stopped) since I sent in my absentee ballot. So it was interesting that a large, glossy mailer came through the transom last week. It wasn’t for any candidate on the ballot. Instead,...

Editor’s Notebook: Can you go home again?

You have to have lived in the, cough, “DMV” long enough – well, long enough to not be caught dead calling it “the DMV” – to remember when the “Morning Zoo” (later moved to afternoons) team of Don Geronimo...

Editor’s Notebook: Whipple-palooza runs wild

As former Arlington Chamber of Commerce poobah Rich Doud was wont to borrow from the Blues Brothers and say: “We’re putting the band back together!” In this case, it was the seasoned citizens and those who love them of the...

Editor’s Notebook: Definitely not going to fly these days

The world was different back in the day. (“Back in the day” more or less meaning any time before 2020.) But let’s go back a little further – to this coming week in 1936, to be exact. Here’s one item...
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Latest News

No injuries reported in Fairlington shooting incident

On Oct. 19 at 9:40 a.m., an individual approached the area of the 4400 block of 31st Street South...
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