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Monday, August 15, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Would you take a swim in the Potomac?

Editor’s Notebook: Would you take a swim in the Potomac?

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The Arlington Connection this week has an article (with nice cover art) about efforts being made to make the Potomac River so clean that people would feel comfortable swimming in it, or at least lounging at a beach on its shores.

Color me at the moment noncommittal, although nobody’s actually out there demanding that I strip down to my skivvies and show off my “beach bod” anywhere, let alone in public.

Years back, I covered a tour taken by an Arlington group of the county’s Water Pollution Control Plan (informal motto: “Arlington’s #2 Is Our #1 Priority”). And after we spent an hour wandering through the facility where the county’s tinkle, poop, etc., was separated from the final product – water that was released into Four Mile Run to make its way eventually to the Chesapeake Bay – our tour guide turned on a tap atop the discharge pipe, poured himself a glass of the cleansed water and took a swig, just to prove that what comes out of the plant is as good or better than what comes out of our taps.

Don’t think any of us was offered the opportunity to do the same, but I’m adventurous to a degree and would have.

(One time, I took a big gulp from a sulphur spring on the Caribbean island of Montserrat after being told by the locals that doing so would ensure my eventual return to their emerald island. I think they just do that to toy with the tourists, because “sulphur” and “big gulp” are two things that do not belong in the same sentence, let me assure you.)

Anyhoo, best of luck with the ongoing Potomac River cleanup. Not sure I’ll be doing the Australian crawl or the breaststroke in or on it anytime soon, but if others can, more power to them.

YOUNGKIN GIVES TRUMP SOME GOOD ADVICE: Heard our governor on the radio yesterday, and he was absolutely right in saying, from a Republican perspective, that Donald “The Don-Don” Trump should not be announcing a bid for 2024 before the midterms are over.

The GOP needs to focus on the here and now, the governor suggested, not look one step ahead of that.

So true, and maybe that will sink in with the Don-Don. Probably will – the guy would rather tease and tease and tease for a while before formally pulling the trigger on an expected bid to get his old gig back. On the other hand, he does like to suck the air out of the room, and announcing for president in September or October certainly would do that.

Youngkin is right: If Trump does it before the Nov. 8 election, it’s gonna have an impact on the results. And probably not in favor of the GOP.

– Scott McCaffrey

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