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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Will the 'Fancy Feast voters' sink Democrats?

Editor’s Notebook: Will the ‘Fancy Feast voters’ sink Democrats?

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It took much longer than all the other items on the shelves, but cans of Fancy Feast at Giant have finally risen in price, going from 70 cents per can to 79 cents last week — an increase of 13 percent.

Doing the math differently, that means while previously I had been spending $511 (plus tax) to feed Albert the wonder cat for a year (one can in the morning, one in the evening), now it will be $577. On top of everything else that now costs more.

The next few paragraphs may seem unconnected to the above two, but bear with me.

Last fall, I received a text from Arlington Democrats, who clearly had me on a list and were inquiring to make sure that I’d be voting Democratic in the coming election.


Nope, I replied. Even though I had voted for Terry McAuliffe eight years before, I would not do so this time. It was part a protest at how left Democrats had tacked in the intervening time, part a protest against the inept first year of the administration of dazed and confused (and increasingly cranky) Joe Biden.

Did Democrats listen and adjust their strategy to embrace a more centrist approach? Nooooooooooooooo, they most certainly did not. Perhaps they should have; kindly Uncle Scotty was a swing voter who didn’t swing their way in 2021.

Now, with midterms coming up, things look even worse for Democrats. The party, if it wants, can pretend that inflation, open borders, crime in cities, leftist social-engineering lunacy and the like are simply FOX News talking points, but it’s going to sink the party at the polls in November, most likely. Even though congressional Republicans are nearly as bad, and sometimes worse.

And yes, they are. But hey, possession is nine-tenths of the law, and Democrats have possession of the federal government at the moment. Voters are likely to send a message, clear as day.

And this voter is angry that Fancy Feast has just gone up 13 percent (and believe me, Giant has the lowest price on the stuff in the area — I have done reconnaissance everywhere). I can’t take my anger out on that lovable, hungry fuzzball of a cat; I can’t take it out in Giant; I can’t take it out on the fine people who make Fancy Feast from whatever it is made from; but voters certainly can take it out on politicians who seem out of touch with the current situation facing Americans, are inept at addressing it and appear unable to do anything but try to shift blame.

CONTINUING TO LOOK LIKE SCHLUBS: Guess our editorial of last week, remarking upon the lack of appropriate attire of the male members of the Arlington School Board, didn’t move the needle.

Board member Reid Goldstein showed up again March 24 without a tie or jacket, and board member David Priddy kept his jacket off. Superintendent Francisco Duran was rockin’ the jacket-and-sweater look.

Reminds me of the situation years back, when there was at least one Arlington County Board member (no names, but should not be a hard one to guess) who even when something was the right thing to do, would resist doing it if the Sun Gazette editorial page had made the suggestion. Sigh.

Oh well, the editorial page made its point about the School Board members looking like schlubs up there on the dais. If they want to continue treating themselves, their colleagues, their constituents and the posts they hold with such disregard, it ultimately says more about them than about anyone else.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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