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Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: Who wears short-shorts?

Editor’s Notebook: Who wears short-shorts?

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We’re going to take the wayback machine to this coming week back in 1943, where perhaps to nobody’s surprise the Northern Virginia Sun’s front pages were somewhat preoccupied with the war.

You know, the big one. (Although give it a few weeks and WWII may seem like small potatoes by comparison to what could be on the horizon. But I digress …)

A couple of war items from the April 2, 1943, edition:


• The Sun’s editor (not me, but a man after my own snarky heart) used his front-page column to note that the federal War Production Board had decreed that for the duration of the unpleasantness, women’s skirts that are put on sale must be shorter, in order to save on fabric. The editor wondered in his column exactly how short skirts will get before the war is over.

• In a case of “jeepers, creepers, gotta beat those Nazis,” the Sun reported that Arlington schoolchildren had purchased enough war savings stamps to purchase 40 Jeeps for the war effort. Good job, kiddos!

• Uh-oh: An investigation reported that week revealed that half of Arlington households were not recycling tin cans as required under wartime regulations. Bad job, adults!

And with that, we conclude our wartime coverage for today. If you were like me and your U.S. history class at ol’ Herndon High ended the school year somewhere in the middle of World War II (because the teacher earlier in the year thought it a good idea to waste lots of time on the War of 1812), here’s the spoiler alert: We won!

Well, at this point that’s kind of debatable, but at the time it seemed like we did.

ALSO FROM THE HISTORY COLUMN: It is noted in the April 1, 1971, edition of the Sun that the two biggest movies at theaters this week were “Airport” and “Diary of a Mad Housewife.”

Yours truly was wayyyyyyyyy too young to be going out to the movies back then, but did see both of those films later in life. And to prove my mind has not yet gone to mush but is filled with lots of useless trivia, I can even remember that Carrie Snodgress (yep, that’s the spelling) was the star of the latter.

Oh, cranium, thanks for staying alert!

BUT BACK TO THIS WEEK’S NEWS: One classy local-news outlet in the dee-emm-vee tacks on a lot of garbage-y entertainment news from Hollyweird. Gotta get those clicks, no matter how low-rent those clickers may be.

One article it ran in the wake of Will Smith’s, um, whatever that was at the Oscars, was an article where his wife Jada – who has never been informed that oversharing is decidedly NOT caring – informed us that their daughter “Willow” once inadvertently walked in on the pair engaged in connubial bliss.

Will and Jada Smith having conjugal relations? With each other?? Based on the rumor mill, that seems somewhat, if not impossible, well … improbable.

– Scott McCaffrey

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