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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: We have been here a looooooooong time

Editor’s Notebook: We have been here a looooooooong time

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I have been with the Sun Gazette for [redacted] years, but no matter how lengthy my tenure, I remain a rookie compared to Dave Facinoli, our sports editor.

Dave already was a fixture when I first arrived, and before that covered sports for a number of other media outlets in Northern Virginia. We occasionally tease him as “Grandpa Dave.”

That vast experience sprang to mind with the news in recent days that Jai Cole had been recruited from a Maryland park agency to head the Fairfax County Park Authority. Because, see, Dave covered her when she played sports in high school. South Lakes High School, to be exact.

“Heck of an athlete – one of the better players to come from Northern Virginia,” he told me of her athletic prowess, which by high school had been focused on the basketball court. (She went on to compete at the Division I level in North Carolina.) But she also had been a standout in field hockey and softball.

Dave noted that Cole was “a real leader on the basketball court”; she took control of situations and got her team into position for success. Sounds like her leadership skills continued into her professional life.

Anyway, welcome back to Fairfax!

THE REAL-ESTATE DATA IS OUT: It’s not yet cooler on the thermometer much, but there definitely has been a cooling in portions of the Northern Virginia real-estate market.

Anecdotal evidence may be suggesting one thing (we have lots of advertising clients who say the market is still moving expeditiously), but the August sales data recently reported says we seem to be headed back to a balanced environment, calmer than the pro-seller market that was hot-hot-hot in spring and early summer.

That’s probably all for the best. When the pendulum swings too far one way or the other, things get out of kilter. A nice, healthy market is what we should always be striving for.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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