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Thursday, September 29, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor’s Notebook: Told ya this was gonna happen!

Editor’s Notebook: Told ya this was gonna happen!

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Having crapped all over Gov. Youngkin in yesterday’s blog, let me be an equal-opportunity curmudgeon and stick it to the Democrats today.

Yours truly came upon The Washington Post (motto: “Layoffs a’comin!”) this past Saturday morning, where stripped down the left column of the front page was coverage suggesting that things have been going so well (or perhaps less catastrophically) for Joe Biden in recent days that Democrats have been re-evaluating their view that he needs to be bumped for new blood in the 2024 election.

Pretty sure I called this one earlier, saying that if Republicans couldn’t follow through on what should have been shooting fish in a barrel by winning yuge in the midterms, our president-du-jour would consider it vindication and will move forward with a 2024 re-election bid.

A nearly 82-year-old Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee in 2024? I can think of about 50 people who are not enthusiastic: the 50 or so Democrats who are planning and plotting to run to take his place and are counting on the party getting pummeled on Nov. 8 so they can start their bids posthaste.

We’ll see. The midterms remain in too much flux, and it appears both parties are simply trying to alienate as many prospective voters as possible, which seems, mmmmm, not the brightest of strategies.

DEBATE DAY: The Arlington County Civic Federation holds its candidate forum tonight. Let’s see what you can do, folks. Kindly Uncle Scott does not impress easily, but it can be done.

CHICAGO IS NOW EXPORTING ITS (ALLEGED) CRIMINALS: Memo to cray-cray Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot: We love your city’s deep-dish pizzas, but could you keep your criminals where they belong – on the South Side? After all, it’s the baddest part of town, for you Jim Croce fans out there…

A perusal of the Arlington crime report for last week reveals the arrest of three Chicago men, all in their mid-30s, after alleged thefts of catalyic converters during the overnight hours in several locations led to a police chase, a crash of the suspects’ vehicle and a manhunt that tracked them all down.

Now, obviously, everyone involved is presumed innocent in a court of law unless and until any conviction is rendered, but if we can assume for the sake of argument that perhaps they might have been stealing catalytic converters, maybe the left-leaning prosecutor in Arlington could make a call to her left-leaning compatriot in Chicago and try to work out a deal among friends so the Windy City can find a way to keep its crooks out of our area.

And while she’s on the phone, maybe order up some of those Chicago-style pizzas!

– Scott McCaffrey

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