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Friday, February 3, 2023
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: This could get interesting in a hurry

Editor’s Notebook: This could get interesting in a hurry

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As the days tick down until he assumes office, Virginia Attorney General (in waiting) Jason Miyares is sending public signals that he’s relishing the possibility of a fight, or many, with certain left-leaning prosecutors, particularly those up here in Northern Virginia.

How that plays out is going to be interesting, indeed.

Having knocked off two-term incumbent Mark Herring (who tacked so far to the left to try and appease the loudest voices on the Democratic left that he lost the middle and thus the election), Miyares has a background both as a prosecutor himself and as a legislator. So if he wants to take on the local Soros Squad of prosecutors and prosecutrixes, he would likely know how to do it.

Exactly what power the attorney general has to tinker with local prosecuting (or lack of same) remains something of an open question. But as I opined when the election results were known in early November, I’d wager that it, in the coming years, will be Miyares’ ouster of Herring that will have a more direct impact on Virginia than Glenn Northam defeating Terry McAuliffe.


Like every state attorney general, everywhere, since the beginning of time, it seems Miyares has his eyes set not just on the governorship, but perhaps all the way to the tippy-top of the national politcal scene via occupancy of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

(Herring clearly had the same dream at the outset, but found himself stymied by not getting a clear shot at the governorship in either 2017 or 2021 and then getting knocked off in the Republican onslaught this November. Don’t count him out totally, although it ain’t easy being a straight white male in the upper echelons of today’s Democratic Party. Not sure whether he will have any realistic opportunity to garner elected office again.)

So we’ll see. One thing is for sure: If Miyares decides he can score political points that can be used in the future by kicking around the local prosecutors up here, he’ll be willing to do it. In a heartbeat. Gonna get interesting in a hurry.

CHECKING IN WITH … BARBARA KANNINEN: At yesterday morning’s Arlington Optimist Club Christmas breakfast (good networking opportunity!), I spent a few minutes with Arlington School Board chair Barbara Kanninen.

Don’t think I’ve had face-to-face time with her since the start of the health unpleasantness, so good to check in, masks off and all vaxxed up.

While we occasionally knock around local school boards on the editorial page (in case anyone might have missed that), that’s just business coupled with showmanshio — and has been since long before any current Northern Virginia school board members have been in office. Personally, I’ve always liked Kanninen. As I said to our sports editor, Dave Facinoli, yesterday, she’s engaged without coming across as needing constant public approval. And there already are wayyyyyyyyy too many needy politicians out there who need to be hand-held.

  • Scott McCaffrey
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