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Sunday, November 27, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: These two ... again?!?!

Editor’s Notebook: These two … again?!?!

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All that cursing you hear off in the distance comes from the homes of Gavin Newsom, “Mayor Pete”, Hillary Clinton and all the other Democratic aspirants who had expected, by the start of this week, to be walking over the political corpse of Joe Biden and starting their campaigns for the White House.

But with Election Day having followed my Rule #1 of politics (“never underestimate the Republicans’ ability to blow it”), our president now has new life, and is walking around like he won the Powerball lottery.

So despite the best efforts of the New York Times, which took a run late last week at suggesting others (like those above) might decide to challenge the incumbent, it looks like Biden is back as the front-runner, and maybe only-runner, on the Democratic side.

Meanwhile, over in Republicanland, Donald Trump is expected to get into the fray by continuing a scorched-earth policy that, based on my checking in with people who have supported him in the past, for policy reasons, in spite of his narcissistic bombast, have said “check please” and are dumping him in a big way. But never count out the Don-Don; he still probably has more of a following in Republican circles than anyone else.


So are we headed to a 2024 rematch of Biden and Trump? There aren’t enough curse words in the dictionary to accommodate such a situation.

Heaven help us all.

SING ALONG! Yep, my dreams are strange, and yep, this is one of the stranger ones.

Friday night I dreamed that I was doing a duet with Dolly Parton on David Letterman’s old late-night show.

That’s weird enough, but we weren’t doing a Parton song, but rather “One Toke Over the Line” by the early-1970s one-hit wonders Brewer & Shipley. Crazy.

Never interviewed Brewer and/or Shipley, but I did once interview Ms. Parton, and yep, she is as delightful as everyone says she is. Except she didn’t ask me to join her in song that time. Probably a good decision 🙂

Herewith below the song in question.

— Scott McCaffrey

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