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Thursday, September 29, 2022
Editor’s NotebookEditor's Notebook: The outrage seems to be intensifying

Editor’s Notebook: The outrage seems to be intensifying

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You can look it up in our news coverage if you like to see the details, but let’s just say the decision by Arlington Public Schools’ leadership to put a student-activities director on leave over the summer, pending the outcome an investigation, has not gone unnoticed both within the school district or in surrounding jurisdictions.

And boy, with classes and school sports now ramping up, are people now talking about it. Not for the record, of course, but the vehemence of their anger over how this was handled is certainly palpable.

No wrongdoing was found, and the individual involved is back on the job after having been kept away for more than a month (albeit with pay) over the summer. But the incident has many within the middle ranks of Arlington’s school bureaucracy wondering what kind of ready-fire-aim approach is now being taken in regard to personnel issues, and is leading those from other communities, who already think Arlington’s top school leaders are a bit nutsy to begin with, to shakes their heads once more.

Prediction: Neither of the two candidates for School Board has any idea of what’s going on (unless they’re reading the Sun Gazette), and neither will raise the issue of how personnel are treated in the upcoming election season. But given the revolving door in the upper echelons of the school system in recent years, chaos and chaotic decision-making at the top is certainly a matter worth exploring at some length, rather than the usual blah-blah-blah during School Board candidate debates.

How about one of you intrepid debate moderators raise it, now that li’l Scotty has retired from that game?

THEY MAY BE ABLE TO MOVE RUBBER-TREE PLANTS: But apparently the ants that have been cohabitating with us at Sun Gazette World Headquarters can’t take it any more, and have decided to move on.

They arrived in springtime, and we quickly learned to have no food in the office. But even then, they stuck around. Lordy only knows that happened when we turned off the lights and left for the night.

In recent days that have moved on, perhaps to other parts of the building, perhaps underground. But I have a feeling they’ll be back next spring!

  • Scott McCaffrey

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